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Why are we giving this course away?

After completing work on Let's Make Music, and after doing some preliminary marketing for it, I had occasion to ask myself why I put it together. Was it to make money? Or, was it because I believe this is a better way to teach music concepts? Or because I have reached a saturation point with principals and classroom teachers (and even music teachers) that consider music class to be a 'fun break in the day' for their students? Or because teaching to the 'program' isn't really teaching?

Answered once asked, we are giving this course away.

Use it. Distribute it. Copy it. You can do this with our blessing - for non-commercial, educational use only.

Version 5, with some updates and a correction, was released on January 8, 2016.
We will continue to make updates when needed, and add more material as time allows.
The Beginning Band Course you have been waiting for is available for free!
Thanks for using this course. -- Steve Kloser

This sixty-five page course is FREE.
You may copy freely distribute it for non-commercial, educational use.

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